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Phone: 469-668-2466


Chiropractic Adjustments

A noninvasive force to the joint to correct a misalignment, increase joint mobility, decrease muscle spasms, and release pressure of the nerves.  Adjustments can help restore proper alignment to the joints to allow the body to heal naturally.   



Myofascial Release Therapy


(Trigger point therapy) is performed to stretch and loosen up the fascia so that the surrounding areas can move more freely and the range of motion in the joints are restored. 


Cupping Therapy


A therapy in which suction cups are placed on the surface of the skin and is used to alleviate muscle tension, increase blood flow, and promotes cell repair.  Cupping therapy can also help form new connective tissue and create new blood vessels in the tissue.  Cupping therapy can speed up the healing process for a fast recovery.  

Scraping Therapy (Graston)


A manual therapy where an instrument is used to gently scrape over the skin to improve circulation, break up scar tissue, reduces pain in that area, and reduces swelling.    


Electric Stimulation Therapy


A therapy that uses mild electric pulses places on the muscle that is used to treat muscle spasm and pain.  E-stim increases range of motion of tense muscles and increase blood flow and circulation.



Kinesiology tape


An elastic tape that is applied to a muscle to treat an injury by reduces swelling, increase mobility, and will enhance recovery.   


Corrective exercises


Functional movements performed to correct any imbalances and muscle weaknesses that affect posture, balance, and coordination.  

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Phone: 469-668-2466

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